Talk Psych to Me

[RERUN] Hope & Helplessness

February 24, 2022 Scarlet Moon Things Co. Season 1 Episode 4
Talk Psych to Me
[RERUN] Hope & Helplessness
Show Notes

With a war looming in Ukraine (where Tania was born), many of us need a whole lot more hope right now. So we're pulling one of our earliest episodes from our archive on the psychology of hope, first aired on Jan 25, 2020. We talk about the difference between hope and optimism, the truth behind learned helplessness, and how to bulk up our hope muscles.

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We've made a donation to the ASPCA in honor of the animal research mentioned in this episode.

Produced by Scarlet Moon Things
Music by Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, and Richard Kimmings