Talk Psych to Me

Music Psychology: Bacon vs Lithgow

September 06, 2020 Scarlet Moon Things Co. Season 1 Episode 31
Talk Psych to Me
Music Psychology: Bacon vs Lithgow
Show Notes

In this episode, we'll help you get the most out of music and answer tough questions like: Did we evolve to make music? Does music help or harm our performance? What causes chills (aka skin orgasms)? And - most importantly - whose character had it right in Footloose, Kevin Bacon or John Lithgow?

Tell us about your music origin theories and fav chill-producing songs!

Music featured in this episode:

  • Workout Music Source: Cardio Instrumental Workout Mix
  • "Hard Bass Attack" Sonic Mine
  • "We Will Rock You" Queen
  • "Because We Can" Fatboy Slim 
  • "Not Ready to Die" Demon Hunter
  • "Morning Light" Sean Beeson
  • "Clair De Lune" Claude Debussy
  • "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong
  • "Spring" Antonio Vivaldi
  • "Rain Chant" L.E.E. High School

Produced by Scarlet Moon Things
Theme music by Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, and Richard Kimmings