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Let's get psychology out of the lab and into the streets. Join hosts Tania Luna (psychology researcher) and Brian Luna (total layperson) as they turn fascinating research into practical tips for being a better at being human.
Cold & Flu Psychology: Nothing to sneeze atSeptember 20, 2022 Episode artwork The Milgram Studies: Obedience, conformity, or ideology?September 06, 2022 Episode artwork Parapsychology: our most haunting research yetAugust 23, 2022 Episode artwork The positive side of negative emotions: juicing the machineAugust 09, 2022 Episode artwork Changing public opinion: part 2 of 2July 26, 2022 Episode artwork Changing public opinion: part 1 of 2July 12, 2022 Episode artwork Rituals: Can deodorant swipes improve performance and connection?June 16, 2022 Episode artwork Toxic Positivity (with Whitney Goodman)May 04, 2022 Episode artwork Compassion: Sharing your fries and comics March 24, 2022 Episode artwork Power & Powerlessness: Escaping the power paradox March 11, 2022 Episode artwork RERUN: Hope & Helplessness February 24, 2022 Episode artwork Celebrating Black History Month with Black-led ResearchFebruary 16, 2022 Episode artwork Self-Love & Self-Compassion: What's (self-) love got to do with it?February 10, 2022 Episode artwork Guilt Proneness & Hyper-Responsibility: Thanks a lot, Uncle BenFebruary 03, 2022 Episode artwork Placebo & Nocebo Effects: The power of nothing January 27, 2022 Episode artwork Procrastination: Tomorrow, tomorrow, not todayJanuary 19, 2022 Episode artwork Boredom: Diddling the devil's playgroundJuly 04, 2021 Episode artwork Grief & Mourning: Don’t forget the lasagna May 02, 2021 Episode artwork The Way Through: Q&A with a real-life therapist!November 15, 2020 Episode artwork Gottman's 4 Horsemen: Relationship poisons and antidotesNovember 01, 2020 Episode artwork Operant Conditioning: Reinforcers, punishers, and pigeon missiles October 11, 2020 Episode artwork Narcissism: You probably think this podcast is about youSeptember 20, 2020 Episode artwork Motivation: Cash, comics, or pigs?September 13, 2020 Episode artwork Music Psychology: Bacon vs LithgowSeptember 06, 2020 Episode artwork Reminiscence & Anticipatory Joy: Psychological time travelAugust 29, 2020 Episode artwork